danielleA full-time post-secondary student, Danielle wanted to get more involved in her community and learn some essential skills for her future. For Danielle,

The Neighbourhood Centre has impacted me in ways that I didn’t think it could. I have learned what it takes to be great at what I do. I enjoy volunteering as a program cum administrative assistant to support the smooth-running of the centre, to assist the discounted TTC Metro pass program and to ensure that upcoming tasks are taken care of by making phone calls and communicating successfully with the clients that call and come into the centre. I have become more confident in answering calls and directing the public to the appropriate place or person where they can have all their concerns or questions answered. I have realized that without the Neighbourhood Centre there would be no place for the community to learn, explore, research and take part in activities and events that increase their personal growth and development as individuals.

Volunteering at the Neighbourhood Centre has made me look forward to a career in the office administration field because of the positive learning environment and room to grow personally as well as professionally. I look forward to finishing my Medical Office Administration program at college next year while I continue volunteering with Neighbourhood Centre to keep up my learning curve.