The Neighbourhood Centre has operated an Elderly Persons’ Centre (EPC) since October 2011 for older adults aged 55 and over. EPC programs have always been inspired and driven by our members. The EPC implements different social, recreational and educational programs in three locations: 91 Barrington Avenue, 10 Gower Place and AccessPoint on Danforth.

We aim to empower members through active participation in planning, supporting and implementing the program activities. This year, a main focus of the EPC has been to train and engage lead volunteer members so that they can contribute more meaningfully and effectively to our programs.

For more information, please contact Shaheda Azami, Seniors Program and EPC Coordinator at the Neighbourhood Centre at 416-698-1626.

A word from our volunteer


My name is Sarah (SunHo is my original) Kim. I was born in South Korea, but lived about 10 years in China. So I have experienced both Korean and Chinese culture throughout my lifetime. Now I am in York University as a first year international student.

Since August 2015 I had a great transformation of my life. I came to Toronto by myself, to achieve my dream by beginning with study. Other than studying, I wanted to build my experience in the real world. Partially because of my class requirement, but mostly for my career, I started to work as a volunteer in the Neighborhood Center Elderly Persons’ Centre (EPC) since September 2015. I started with helping seniors by serving tea and treats for their Coffee N Chat. Then gradually I was involved in collating statistics, testimonials and other administrative supports. Seniors were all nice to me, encouraging me for the studying and telling me briefly about their background or daily events. Especially some seniors with ethnicity other than Canada, were very helpful in understanding international points of view of the Canada’s welfare system or comparison with their own country. As I observe them having fun gathered together with each other and sharing their life experiences, I admired them having a relaxed life with comfortable atmosphere. Although it might be early to think so, but I kind of dream to have the life as them in the future rather than having a busy and complex life. They do not seem to require a lot in their life, no greediness or excessive expectations. Seniors are happy by simple bingo games or small dancing activity. Wouldn’t life be very simple, relaxed and comfortable if we just step a bit backward emptying our mind?

My heartiest thanks to the Coordinator of the EPC to provide me the opportunity to learn this Canadian experience.

Programs and Services

All EPC programs are drop-in. Interested participants (55+) will be required to fill out a one-time, mandatory membership form after attending not more than two of any EPC activities.  No membership fee is required.

Mondays: Arts and Crafts (Knitting, Jewellery Making and Pottery)

Every Monday, we conduct an Arts and Craft program from 1:30- 3:00 pm at 91 Barrington Avenue. Seniors share their experiences with each other, and learn to design crafts, jewelleries, knitting, potteries etc. They also conduct fundraising events twice a year where their arts and crafts are sold.

Tuesdays: Chair Yoga

Every Tuesday we run a free yoga movement and meditation class for seniors only from 1:30 pm until 2:45 pm at 10 Gower Place.

Tuesdays: English Conversation Circles

Every Tuesday afternoon from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm, seniors have the chance to practice speaking English in a social setting. The sessions are held at 91 Barrington Avenue.

Wednesdays: Seniors’ Fun Club

Every Wednesday from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm, we run a Seniors’ Fun Club at AccessPoint on Danforth. Activities vary every week, including Chair Yoga, Line Dancing, Bingo, Word Searches, Movie Afternoon and more!

Thursdays: Basic Computer Classes

Every Thursday we run a free basic computer class for seniors from 10:00 am until 11:00 am at 91 Barrington Avenue. Participants work on laptops. This four-week course teaches basic computer skills. The handouts/course material is provided. Participants are encouraged to ask the instructor questions.

Fridays: Coffee ‘N Chat

Every Friday we host a free seniors’ drop-in program from 1:30 pm until 3:00 pm at 91 Barrington Avenue, where seniors can come into the centre, have a cup of coffee and snacks and mingle with other senior members of the community. There are also board games, cards, chess, Bingo, Uno and crossword puzzles. This is a time for people to socialize, connect with each other, share support and information. Occasional information workshops are offered, based on the interests, needs and opportunities to do such. Monthly lunch and quarterly pot-luck gatherings are becoming very popular as well.

Community Outings

Based on participant’s interests and available opportunity, the EPC offers group community outings approximately monthly to those who sign up to attend. Seniors travel together and attend an event or visit a site together accompanied by the EPC Coordinator, staff and volunteer(s). The cost for attending is usually covered by the EPC. Donations are accepted. It would be posted if additional fees are required.

Holiday Parties

As part of a multicultural community, the seniors celebrate and enjoy different special events throughout the year.


Program Calendar

June 2017

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Basic Computer Class
  • Coffee N' Chat
  • Arts and Crafts Knitting/Jewellery Making
  • Chair Yoga at 10 Gower Place
  • Senior's Fun Club at APOD
  • Basic Computer Class
  • Coffee N' Chat
  • Arts and Crafts Knitting/Jewellery Making
  • Chair Yoga at 10 Gower Place
  • Senior's Fun Club at APOD
  • Basic Computer Class
  • Coffee N' Chat
  • Arts and Crafts Knitting/Jewellery Making
  • Chair Yoga at 10 Gower Place
  • Senior's Fun Club at APOD
  • Basic Computer Class
  • Coffee N' Chat
  • Arts and Crafts Knitting/Jewellery Making
  • Chair Yoga at 10 Gower Place
  • Senior's Fun Club at APOD
  • Basic Computer Class
  • Coffee N' Chat




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