Before volunteering at the Neighbourhood Centre, Jelintha* worked as a sales representative in a chain superstore.  She emigrated from South Asia a few years ago.  Jelintha had to leave the sales role as the long hours in a standing position had a lasting physical impact on her health and she was experiencing constant pain.  She wanted to give back to the community so began volunteering with the Neighbourhood Centre, helping with the clothing depot and the Seniors’ Coffee and Chat program.

Jelintha shares,

I have learned plenty of things from Neighbourhood Centre.  The most important thing I learned is how  community organizations operate in Canada , what are the services they offer to community people, especially to the people who are in need.  I learned every active and capable person in the society has some responsibilities towards his or her own community.  Especially Neighbourhood Centre gave me the opportunity to learn about the office environment and the culture of non-profit sector which enticed me to explore my career in this sector.  I took my volunteer opportunity seriously and tried to learn from every bit of it.

As a result of the experiences that Jelintha gained from volunteering at the Neighbourhood Centre, she decided that she would like to work in social services.  Good news:  Jelintha is delighted to report that the Neighbourhood Centre volunteering experience helped her significantly to get a job in a community service organization where she recently started to work.

So, I really appreciate the Neighbourhood Centre and the staff for giving me the opportunity to work and learn the knowledge of social service sector which has meant to me a lot.  I strongly believe without their help I could not pursue my career in my dream profession.

*an assumed name