elenaElena tells us,

I was a newcomer seeking an opportunity to start my new life in Canada. I was planning to start from somewhere and chose to volunteer with Neighbourhood Centre so I [could] get Canadian experience as well as  I contribute to the community I live in.”

And contribute she has done!

Elena volunteered with the Neighbourhood Centre over the winter of 2013 as an income tax volunteer.  She joined in the volunteer team in late February and received training on income tax filing from our staff and volunteer team. Elena made a big impact on the community members who we serve and enhanced her own skills:

I believe I have gained a lot from this volunteer experience.  I realize my verbal communication skill has been improved a lot. I have also learned customer service skills specially how to deal with clients from diverse cultural background.  Now I am very much confident and comfortable speaking to people which was a challenge for me at the beginning. I have also learned Canadian tax rules, filing procedures and use of Ufile software.

Elena reports that she is now connected with different people in the community, including Neighbourhood Centre staff members, volunteers and clients. Elena says, “I have made some good friends from the fellow income tax volunteer team.”

Volunteering with NC has been a great experience for me. This was an excellent opportunity to learn, to contribute to the society, to give back and receive at the same time. I like to continue volunteering with NC even after the tax clinic season.

Elena recently received two job offers and has started working in her chosen profession in Canada.  Another great Neighbourhood Centre success story!