adrianBefore beginning to volunteer at the Neighbourhood Centre, Adrian was pursuing his Masters of Science in Computer Security through an online program with University of Liverpool.  He had emigrated from Eastern Europe and began to volunteer at the Centre in September 2012, providing computer and software infrastructure and networking support to the agency. Adrian made a big difference to the Neighbourhood Centre’s capacity to deliver programs and serve the community.

Adrian reports,

What I have gotten from my participation is enhanced social skills, building network and gaining new skills through troubleshooting the IT problems. Through volunteering with Neighbourhood Centre I have significantly improved my English proficiency, learned new software such as SUMAC database, and was able to update my technical knowledge in Information technology while solving different assignments.

In addition, Adrian connected with other volunteers, office staff and vendors which helped him to widen his professional and social network.  We’re delighted as Adrian recently found full-time employment as a Networking Engineer at Hewlett Packard (HP). In Adrian’s words,

I am happy that I have invested my time in volunteering with an organization like Neighbourhood Centre that provides services to the community people those who are facing social and economic challenges. It helped me to keeping my skills shining, expanding my social network and making new connections in the community.

Congratulations Adrian!